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Name: Eon
Personal Journal: None
Timezone: GMT +8
Current Characters in Route: None

Name: Flynn
Series: Shin Megami Tensei IV
Timeline: Post-Neutral Route Ending
Canon Resource Links: Wiki Page | tvTropes Page

The first thing that others would notice about Flynn would be just how quiet he is. He barely says anything, only responding when he is referred to, and even then only using the bare minimum of words to convey his reply. This may lead to some people assuming that he is mute. Most of the time, he seems to be absorbed in his thoughts, being unresponsive to most things occurring around him (unless they require him to take direct action). In most social contexts, he would be the guy who fades into the background, never participating in the discussion. but always watchful and listening out for what others might say. After a while, more extroverted characters may even forget his existence - something that might surprise them once Flynn actually makes a contribution.

His reticence defines much of his character. It is a result of not only his introverted personality and strong conviction, but also his experiences.

Raised as a Casualry (the peasant class) in the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, he was taught not to expect much of himself other than being studious and hardworking in carrying out his duties. He does not see the need for idle chitchat (it would be some form of wasting time), instead choosing to jump straight into action when it needs to be taken. However, deciding on what said action is may take quite some time, especially if the issue is an ethical one. He prefers to debate over both sides of a situation before making a choice. That being said, after he has made his decision, nothing will sway him from completing what he set out to do.

He has always had a very strong sense of self, and is not easily influenced by others’ opinions. This stems partly from his distrust of others, something that is also reflected in his reluctance to make his own opinion known. He sees it as something that others could potentially use to manipulate him (after what his two friends, Jonathan and Walter, went through), and is adamant not to make the same mistake himself. Thus, he is fiercely independent, and will usually refuse assistance when it is possible. He prefers to travel alone, as he finds that people’s chatter usually interferes with his thoughts. And he would also be expected to somehow talk to them , something he can definitely do without. However, he will not refuse companionship if requested.

Flynn appears to constantly assume a blank expression, devoid of emotion (a poker face basically). He has difficulty expressing his feelings, especially in words. Thus, to others, he appears to be a cold and apathetic person. Which he is, in a way - he does experience emotions, and worry over others, but he does not know how to show it. However, if you watch him very very carefully, you may be able to pick up hints to his current emotions through his body language. The only person who seems to be able to understand him without being a mind-reader is Isabeau. However, he does become more expressive when around his friends, but they number far and few in between (a grand total of five).

He has been through many traumatic events, and his apparent lack of emotion is his way of dealing with them. After seeing his home ravaged and family slaughtered by demons, his best friend turning into one (he had to mercy kill him), two of his remaining friends driven apart by their ideals (and dying for them), along with finally receiving knowledge that he was to be the one deciding the fate of his world - bit by bit, his sanity would have crumbled. So he coped with it by locking all his emotions away - fear, anxiety, and despair - but at the same time, he lost most of his ability to express (and perhaps even feel) positive emotions as well. What little emotions he manages to experience are also locked away deep down inside his psyche. While they do not affect his day-to-day decisions, they have the potential to erupt to the surface once he is confronted with an event he cannot handle.

Thus, he relies almost entirely on logic and his own intuition to make decisions. This may make him seem very heartless at times, especially when it comes to making sacrifices - but it is simply due to experience. He is unafraid to resort to methods that others might shun. In the end, he does make sure that he gets the job done, even if its consequences are unpleasant - he seems to only be truly affected if his actions cause harm to people he cares for.

+ conviction | Flynn has exceptional willpower. Once he decides to pursue a course of action, it is very difficult/almost impossible to sway him from what he thinks should be done. It matters not if others think he is coldhearted - only the completion of the task at hand will be considered.

+ strength | Raised to live a life of work, Flynn has considerable physical strength and endurance. His mental strength is also remarkable, as he is able to pull through situations that would traumatize others.

+/- loyalty | He is loyal to the few friends he currently has - though to a certain extent. He is not afraid to cut them down if they oppose what he believes is right. In essence, he is more loyal to his principles than to his fellows.

+/- logical | Flynn functions almost entirely on logic, allowing him to deduce implications and hidden motives faster than average. However, this also leads to him being rather apathetic from someone else’s point of view.

+/- lone wolf | His reclusiveness enables him to work faster, but it also reduces the chances he has for interactions with others (from which he could gain many things).

- emotionless | Due to him locking away most of his emotions, he finds it hard to empathize with others unless they happen to have gone through similar experiences.

- reticence | Flynn almost never speaks, making it hard for others to understand what he truly feels. This also hampers his social interactions.

- distrustful | While he may appear to be amiable towards others (or as much as he can get), Flynn does not trust others easily. For some people (who are quick to put their trust in him), this may seem offensive.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Trainer
Starter: Ralts | Due to Flynn’s reticence, he will have difficulty communicating with most Pokémon which aren’t Psychic-type. A Ralts would be able to stand in for him in conversations, due to its empathic nature, which would enable it to understand Flynn’s thoughts and relate them to others.
Password: Ginger Snaps

First Person Sample:
[ A youth flickers into view. His expression is unreadable, and his emerald gaze pierces through the screen. Strangely, he does not speak for a good while. ]

[ He briefly looks down, before returning his attention to the camera. ]

My name is Flynn.

[ Another pause.]

If you perchance see another with a similar uniform, please contact me immediately.

[ Flynn continues watching the camera for a few more moments. ]

That will be all.

[ The screen goes dark. The transmission seems to have ended. ]

Third Person Sample:
Something was wrong. Terribly so.

This was not Tokyo, that was for sure. Was this the Goddess of Tokyo’s doing? Perhaps so. But it made no sense, if that was to be assumed. Which meant that this assumption was to be discarded, unless new information came to light.

He had remained silent all the way through this… this woman’s attempted introduction. No doubt it unnerved her to some degree, but Flynn did not feel it necessary to assuage any fears she might have. After all, she was definitely not his mother. He knew how his mother would behave. Plus, his mother was already dead.

But he had to admit, their demon summoning program was interesting. Though not efficient - his own stored them as data, not in such unwieldy spherical devices. And they did not have a navigational AI as proficient as Burroughs.

Speaking of Burroughs, he strangely missed her presence. The transportation seemed to have scoured his Gauntlet, leaving no trace of her nor Mido. All his demons were gone, too, as well as his skills and sword. They had been such a vital part of his arsenal that losing them was to leave him exposed. He had to find an alternative, fast. All that worked now was the timer function, the journal function, and the map. Which was not very helpful.

He was given a ‘starter’ demon of sorts. And it could read his mind. On hindsight, it was a good thing. They could hold a conversation without him ever speaking.

To a passerby, they would have seen a youth staring intently at the Ralts next to him.

You will need to tell me many things.

Yes, I understand. The… Pokemon’s voice directly entered his head.

What is your name, then?

Confusion seemed to emanate from the diminutive creature. You don’t want to name me?

Flynn frowned slightly. No. Do you not have a name? Every demon had one. This was strange.

The Ralts paused before answering. I do, but it is used only between Pokemon. I’m willing to drop it for what you give me, though.

He shook his head. I will use your current name, then. Kindly enlighten me.

Very well. I am Ramiel.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance, then. The youth nodded. Now… I have some questions for you.


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